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vetonit PCL

Saveto plaster accessories - plaster coil lath

Plaster Coil Mesh Lath is produced for brick and block work reinforcement.
Its primary usage is to prevent cracking.
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Technical Information
Product Description

Vetonit PCL is a length of expanded steel mesh with continuity of steel throughout. Vetonit PCL reinforces block work in all types of buildings by adding tensile strength to the inherent compressive strength of traditional construction method.


Easy to apply.

 No joints, welds or interweaving to fail under stress.

 Once mortared into brickwork, the diamond shaped mesh is anchored immovable so that it will not slip under tension

 Allows reinforcement for plaster and asphalt, over wall chases and for keying smooth surfaces.


Compiliance Standard

ACI: 524R-08

Packaging & Coverage

Vetonit PCL100



Vetonit PCL150



Vetonit PCL200



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Saveto manufactures a wide range of construction chemicals and specialty products for various applications divided into the following product groups:

Concrete Repair, Grouts and Enhancement.

Wall & Facade Systems.

Flooring and Coating Systems.

Sealants and Joints.

Plasters & Renders.

Putties & Finishes

Tiling Systems


Primers & Ancillary Products.

Specialty Products.

Saveto also provides various technical information such as CAD details, detailed method statements, specification clauses, application manuals, product selectors and technical support both in contractors and consultants offices as well as construction sites.

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